In Observance of Easter and allowing our members to enjoy the Holiday with Family:

TCARA will NOT be hosting the Sunday evening Net on 4/4/2021, we will return to normal Net operations 4/11/2021 @ 7:00 PM.

As many of you are aware the 3/28/2021 Net was moved to the N6USO 145.440 repeater due to WA6FZH 446.400 being down (for unknown reasons). N6USO repeater went into low power operation and could not be heard by many of our Members which forced the net to be pre-empted. We are attempting to work with the repeater owner(s) to assist in restoring normal repeater function and looking into alternatives for TCARA, GOTAhams and the local CERT net for back-ups in the event these repeaters are not available in the future. If you have Ideas or any suggestions for help in this area Please reach out to or

QSO Today “Virtual” Ham Expo

Remember, QSO Today Ham Expo Virtual Hamfest is quickly approaching! the 48 hour Virtual Amateur Radio Hamfest, Likely the largest Virtual Ham Radio event of the year. There is a cost, it is $10.00 to offset the cost of producing and hosting such a large event, I have gladly paid my entry fee. I did attend their inaugural virtual event last year and enjoyed those many hours of the event from the comfort of my living room with my endless coffee, snacks, meals while attending each of my selected presentations. Just click on the link below and have a look at what they are offering, buy your “Early Bird” ticket and meet up with some of your Ham friends during the event? yes this year they DO have virtual meeting areas to search by call sign and meet up with your Club members, On-Air friends etc. Looks like a great time Virtually.

Coming to your desktop, laptop, and tablet: 
​ March 12th, 2021 1800 PDT for 48 Hours
and “on-demand” until April 12, 2021