Attention: TCARA Sunday Night Net on DIFFERENT REPEATER

Dear TCARA Members and Friends,

Because of ongoing difficulties with local repeaters including both the N6USO and WA6FZH repeaters, we will be temporarily relocating the Sunday Night Net again.  We suggest that you not delete the programming for the N6USO or WA6FZH repeaters as it is possible that we may be able to return to one or the other of those machines at some future point.  That said, you will probably wish to add the following to  our radios programming if it is not already in place.

Beginning this Sunday, April 11th at 7PM and continuing until further notice, we will use the following open repeater:

Callsign:  AE6TV
Frequency:   449.160 MHz
PL/CTCSS Tone:  77Hz
Offset:  The standard -5 MHz offset for the 70cm band.

Optional: If you wish to activate tone squelch on YOUR receiver, you can also use 77Hz for that setting but it is not required.

We are extremely grateful to repeater owner Hans Ehlert for allowing us to use this repeater.   Hans has 3 simple usage rules for this repeater:

1.  NO foul language.
2.  Refrain from politics.
3.  Refrain from religion.

And, of course, we ask all TCARA users to respect his very reasonable requests.  Please be aware that at other times of the day this repeater may be linked to a wide range of other repeaters, including those used for the Alaska Morning Net, etc.  Keep this in mind as you use the repeater and please avoid any interference with these other fine uses of the repeater.
Our thanks also to Ken Mixon for helping to arrange this opportunity.   This repeater has also been in use recently by the GOTAhams club for their nightly net so we will continue to need to conclude our net in advance of 8PM.

If you are having trouble reprogramming your radio to add this repeater, please reach out to one of the club officers well in advance of the net and we will try to walk you through the process or try to find someone who can do so as well as help you with a simple test afterwards to assure access.  And we will keep you informed of future developments with the various repeaters.

We look forward to seeing you on the net.

73, Dave Wilkie, K6EV
TCARA Secretary

In Observance of Easter and allowing our members to enjoy the Holiday with Family:

TCARA will NOT be hosting the Sunday evening Net on 4/4/2021, we will return to normal Net operations 4/11/2021 @ 7:00 PM.

As many of you are aware the 3/28/2021 Net was moved to the N6USO 145.440 repeater due to WA6FZH 446.400 being down (for unknown reasons). N6USO repeater went into low power operation and could not be heard by many of our Members which forced the net to be pre-empted. We are attempting to work with the repeater owner(s) to assist in restoring normal repeater function and looking into alternatives for TCARA, GOTAhams and the local CERT net for back-ups in the event these repeaters are not available in the future. If you have Ideas or any suggestions for help in this area Please reach out to or

QSO Today “Virtual” Ham Expo

Remember, QSO Today Ham Expo Virtual Hamfest is quickly approaching! the 48 hour Virtual Amateur Radio Hamfest, Likely the largest Virtual Ham Radio event of the year. There is a cost, it is $10.00 to offset the cost of producing and hosting such a large event, I have gladly paid my entry fee. I did attend their inaugural virtual event last year and enjoyed those many hours of the event from the comfort of my living room with my endless coffee, snacks, meals while attending each of my selected presentations. Just click on the link below and have a look at what they are offering, buy your “Early Bird” ticket and meet up with some of your Ham friends during the event? yes this year they DO have virtual meeting areas to search by call sign and meet up with your Club members, On-Air friends etc. Looks like a great time Virtually.

Coming to your desktop, laptop, and tablet: 
​ March 12th, 2021 1800 PDT for 48 Hours
and “on-demand” until April 12, 2021


New Firmware for the IC-7300

Icom released new firmware for the IC-7300 ver. 1.4 with many very useful changes including spectrum scope changes, Expanded Menu selections, A FT-8 preset selection, programable microphone buttons, Front Key customization etc. So many many changes that they added a 11 page manual to cover the changes. I have added a link to the Icom website: IC-7300 Ver. 1.4 and to the firmware document here: Icom IC-7300 ver. 1.4 firmware Docs

For those of you that own a IC-7300 or plan on operating one soon or at “Field Day 2021”, use the Docs link to familiarize yourself with these new and very useful updates/changes.

Remember TCARA net Sunday night 7:00 PM 446.400 -(103.5)

TCARA weekly net Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm on the WA6FZH repeater frequency 446.400 – offset tone of 103.5, beginning in 2021 our “Net Control” operator, Bruce AG6YS has modified the format of our “Net” adopting the classic “RoundTable” format over the “Check-in” only style. A Round Table net allows our members to be more conversational allowing each attendee to discuss what they have been doing in Ham Radio or just their experiences in the day, week, month or ask questions of the group. Bruce also attempts to “pound out” some CW sending a Members call sign then adding a short common phrase allowing those of us interested to “copy” the call and message, returning it by email for our award… (the satisfaction of copying it correctly)

Personally this is my favorite method of radio communication, old fashioned “Rag Chewing”, I like to inject some humor and find out more about each member or guest. It also allows our recently licensed Amateur operators to easily hop in and introduce themselves and with luck overcome the initial “Mike Fright” that many of us experienced in the beginning of our Ham Radio Journey.

We look forward to hearing each of you on our Sunday evening nets.

’73 Ken KC6WOK