Becoming a club Officer

Have you ever considered serving as an Officer/Board member in TCARA, or any other club? What questions would you like answered? I will try to answer some questions you may have asked yourself and others you may not have considered.

Question: Do I need to be an Accomplished, Knowledgeable, experienced Ham?

Answer: Absolutely NOT! we are all “Amateurs” and the skills needed to lead, manage or contribute to a Radio club have nothing to do with your radio operating skills.

Question: Do I need special skills or background to serve on a radio club board of officers

Answer: Absolutely NOT! while bringing some skills may be advantageous in some positions most will be learned by either serving in a position or preferably shadowing someone serving in the position and helping as an “understudy”. This would allow a smooth transition when elected to that office.

Question: what makes a good club officer?

Answer: in top positions it is imperative that you first know how to DELIGATE! micro-managing and making demands on your board and members quickly leads to discord, discontent and folks unwilling to follow through on tasks. Remember, these are Volunteers! not paid employees! they are doing these things, giving of their time, this is a commodity that should be cherished not expected or abused. In some extreme cases it can lead to loss of members and has actually lead to the collapse and dissolving of a Club or Organization. Learn to trust your people, and Above All Listen to your membership. They have lots of great ideas and can make you look good if you simply help facilitate their requests. Many times this takes little or no work on your part, typically the member with the suggestion is willing to complete the task and/or provide the time and materials required.

Along those same lines, When the membership sees discord among the Board members they may believe there is disorganization, weakness, even unfriendliness within the group. This is certainly not the image to project. Even while there will be some disorganization during meetings (Face to Face or Virtual) keep a friendly demeanor ask politely for help and avoid confrontation (with Officers and members) at all costs. I personally have thought I looked quite foolish while setting up and/or during a club meeting or presentation but at the end of the evening been thanked and praised for what I believed was a disaster. my favorite catch phrase: It is not your mistakes, it is how you recover from them that folks Remember.

When the Board members keep in mind that these clubs are Social groups focused on Amateur Radio/electronics but far more important is, that friendships are built in these circles and more information is shared between members than from most club offerings. When we nurture these friendships, Promote Mentoring (Elmering) and be VERY welcoming to newcomers, new Hams and Hams that are returning to the hobby, the club can and will grow quickly.

If you would like to help a club Grow and be strong and healthy consider becoming an officer or understudy in the position which you may have an interest.

These are just some experiences I am sharing from my Journey in this amazing hobby . I do plan on expanding this section to help promote participation in club management (here and with any club or organization which you may be involved).

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