Building your “Shack”

After going through the studying, practice tests, The Real Test, paying for, Sweating, crying and elation of getting your Federal Amateur Radio License and finally “getting on the air” Your next hurdle is planning, designing and outfitting a “Ham Shack”.

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I’ve never seen what could be considered a “Shack” in the design sense, They all look like Palaces to a devoted “Ham”. Nobody can tell you how to build YOUR shack or how to outfit it but lots of folks will offer and opinion on gear, layout, antennas etc. even which manufacturer they think you NEED?

My advice is take your time, do your own research, find out what people dislike about their equipment or set-up and what they may have done differently.

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We will offer some information and examples here including YouTuber links and shack photos hopefully inspiring some of your own creativity to outfit the shack that other Hams might envy and remember Humble beginnings can lead to greatness Great QSOs.

The Ham Shack Shop: Your First Ham Shack

K6UDA gives us his opinions on “What you Need”

How to Set up a Ham Radio Shack » Electronics Notes

Please jump to 11:30 in on Josh’s stream to get to the “Ham Shack” information

21 Things to Do: Set up a shack – KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog

Ham Radio Shacks - YouTube

Ham Radio Shacks – YouTube

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This “Rabbit Hole” runs VERY Deep! you can do a web search on YouTube, Pinterest, etc. the links provided here are simply a “Jumping off” point, it should just be a quick reference. As we mentioned earlier on this page everyone has an idea and opinion of what they believe a “ham Shack” should be, Personally anywhere that has a radio and a useable antenna IS my ham shack, my favorites are outside, in a public place sharing the Hobby with other Hams and informing passers-by about my beloved hobby and what we do to stay prepared for emergencies educate people about communication independent of telecom and internet, providing opportunities for Scouts and STEM students and the importance of Space weather.

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