CW operation

Many Operators in this hobby are well versed, Proficient, attempting, Learning or trying to learn “CW” (continuous wave) or Morse Code mode of amateur radio. I understand many have tried and decided “this mode is not for them” and as all things in life folks are attracted to different flavors and this may not be yours. Personally I have a deep interest in this type of operation and plan to focus more on making it part of my “mode library”.

It has been said that this IS the original “texting”, possibly tongue in cheek but our first spark gap transmitters worked in this mode before some intrepid souls learned to modulate the signal and transmit their voice. The first ships radios used Morse code to send messages over what they coined a “Marconi” transmitter. Enough for the history lessons. I plan to use this page to provide members and guests some resources for getting started in this Storied and fascinating mode of operation.

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