This is a Short list of Educational Resources for the Amateur Radio community. Our hobby is just under 1,000,000 strong in North America but we have the good fortune of a prolific group of “influencers” willing to share their knowledge and experiences in Blogs, Vlogs, Social media, web sites etc. You could easily spend every waking hour viewing, reading, following these folks and learning about all the facets of this Hobby. I have tried to include the resources I am aware of but would welcome any and all input that this audience is willing to share with us for inclusion on this site. Please feel free to email me at

Click on the badge to connect to the ARRL
Click on Bob’s face to view HamNation videos
Click on Image to view AmateurLogic TV

Click here for some High Energy Ham Videos
Click on the Image for a Local Ham with Lots of things to share!
Click on Image to view the amazing world of My Friend Dave Casler
Jim W6LG, covers the basics in his Videos
DX Commander with his infectious energy Shares his experiences
Tim Duffy has ALOT to say!
Valerie is an avid DXer, HamNation co-host
Randy is an average Ham that loves sharing his experiences
Focusing on Preparedness aspects of Ham Radio
One of the “YouTubers Bunch” with plenty to share
“The Ham Radio show your mother warned you about” Highly opinionated Influencer (please take EVERYTHING he says with a grain of salt!)
The Modern Ham, A Young Ham Shares his Journey in the Hobby
Kevin Loughin KB9RLW, Shares his Nomadic lifestyle with his Radio/Electronics Hobby
Kyle AA0Z part of “The YouTubers Bunch”
Digital Analogue Ham
Good Game Ham Radio, from a teachers perspective
K8MRD, Another Ham “Good Ol Boy
K6ARK Portable Radio (QRP Portable Ops)

Pascal, What Hams do in Canada AY
Dr Tamitha Skov Space Weather Woman
Don’t have a HF radio? no room for an antenna? New Gear is just too expensive? try a Web Based SDR receiver FREE!