Field Day 2021

Ham Radio’s North American “Open House” and arguably the most important weekend, Contest, Social gathering and Club showcase of our Amateur Radio year.

Field Day (

The ARRL has extended the 2020 Rule waivers to the 2021 event, allowing our Class D and E stations to work solo and aggregate their points to a chosen Club, Check with your club for their information to be included, it must be submitted EXACTLY as the club registers it with the ARRL. the link below is a complete rule waver description directly from the ARRL.

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TCARA sister club, GOTAhams is actively planning 2021 Field Day and pursuing a location in Riverside County, Cedar Creek park in Eastvale, directly south of Ontario, just north of Corona and East of Chino. this is a very ambitious plan in a era of Covid-19 and the uncertainties surrounding it. It is their philosophy to “Plan for the best and accept/pivot when delivered the worst”. this can also be Laborious and expensive when plans fail, this young energetic and intrepid club is willing to take the risk. I have included a link to their everchanging plans on the GOTAhams website:

Field Day 2021 – GOTAhams