Grounding & Bonding

This is sometimes overlooked, at times overdone nearly always misunderstood, Lets try to clarify the subject:

Amateur Radio Bonding and Grounding Made Simple (

Grounding (

ARRL :: Technical :: Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur

Also, as Radio Amateurs we tend to work with portable generator systems, Have You consider the safety grounding systems required by these devices?

Portable Generator grounding @ Generator Hero

How to Ground a Generator When Camping

Some portable Generators will have a “Grounding Stud” for this purpose, others may not. We can easily create a simple device to Ground these Portable generators to a driven Ground rod. Purchase a grounded 2P three wire plug. Connect a single wire (green preferred) to the Ground prong (green Screw) Making it long enough to connect to a driven ground rod, Do not exceed 4 feet, use a grounding clamp or wrap the stripped end of the wire around the ground rod and clamp or affix it securely.

This will Ground the generator. on low wattage inverter generators the ground is likely NOT bonded to neutral, this can lead to a “Floating Ground” that can create annoying RFI and will show an error when testing the circuit with a “Pocket Circuit checker”. With the same Grounded 2P three wire plug you can add a jumper wire from the ground to Neutral (White/silver) terminal.