HF Digital Modes

In the recent history of Amateur Radio “Digital Modes” have become not only popular but most prevalent on the HF bands. I believe that it is responsible for the explosive growth of our Hobby. I have tried to supply some information here but this list just scratches the surface of a much larger world. Start here and expand your search, If you find some great information that you think I should include here, Please email me at kc6wok@gmail.com

Wikipedia of Amateur Radio “Digital Modes”

The Rise of Digital Modes: The Changing Face of Ham Radio – OnAllBands

HF Digital (arrl.org)

Digital Modes (arrl.org)

Amateur Radio Digital Modes » Electronics Notes (electronics-notes.com)

Winlink Express | Winlink Global Radio Email (widely used during emergencies/disasters)

WSJTX digital mode Suite

FLdigi Suite

Getting Started with FT8

JS8Call | The official site for JS8Call

GOTAhams member Daniel Jones K6YIC, Restored Teletype system working RTTY in his Home shack