How to Zoom!

OK, We have realized some of our members are not “Zoomers”, You have not stepped into the virtual world that has become our only vehicle for club member participation that is readily available and relatively easy for our members to use. I have included some videos covering the basics and links to for documents and guides to help you through the process of setting up a free account. I do realize it informs you that there are time limits for meetings on free accounts, this only applies to the “Host” of each meeting. TCARA and several board members maintain “Pro” accounts allowing unlimited time for our meetings, no participant needs a Pro Account to avoid the time limits.

The only hardware you will need is a computer with a microphone and camera (most laptops) if you don’t have that, any telephone will let you join and a smart phone just needs the Zoom App installed. NOW, you have few excuses to not “Join the Party”.

TCARA has been using this method for many months during this Covid-19 pandemic, each Saturday at Noon (Zoom at Noon) and for virtual Board of directors meetings and General membership meetings. Our Monthly membership meeting deal with some quick business, announcements and programs with timely and relevant content. Our weekly Zoom at noon is our Social hour with no real script and lots of sharing our personal stories etc. More of a “meeting at the water cooler? it has become a light hearted, fun, “let your hair down” open mic with lots of laughs and even some real time “on the air demonstrations from members “Shacks”. If you haven’t been there, simply ask a friend that has.