Live Streams

This is a “short list” of Amateur Radio Enthusiasts willing to Share their Ham Experiences and Promote our Hobby, I personally subscribe to many of these “YouTube Channels” to help them monetize their Channels which gives them some small financial incentive to continue creating the content we enjoy for free!

These Links lead to YouTube Channels, each containing lists of their past videos, some Will have many hours of Ham Radio content.

Dave Casler Is a Prolific YouTube Creator, he has been doing daily videos during the pandemic from questions asked by viewers

Check out Dave Casler’s Websites Ham Radio Answers at, along with his License Study and upgrade video courses

Ham Radio Crash Course – YouTube

Josh Noss does a weekly live Stream and every other Wednesday hosts Ham Nation


These are Archived Videos, Go To Ham Radio Crash Course for the Continued live stream


Amateur Logic’s Hosts also Host Ham College

Ham Radio 2.0

Jason is a prolific Live Streamer, He has been promoting Amateur Radio “YouTubers” and started the “YouTubers Bunch”