One thought on “FCC Reduces Proposed Amateur Radio Application Fee to $35

  1. As a VE, I am not happy with the FCCs decision to charge $35 for the license application. It would seem that ARRL will have to separate the fees it charges to take an FCC amateur radio exam, which is currently $15. In my opinion, the testing fee of $15 should remain for each test attempt, and the additional $35 should only apply when a person passes an exam for a total of $50. It still costs $50 for a new license or a license upgrade. I have not looked at how the FCC enters licenses into ULS when a person passes technician and general during the same test session and earns a general license. Is that considered a single application or two applications? The same concept holds for a person passing technician, general, and amateur extra during the same test session. Is that one application or three applications? They would be charged a total of $15 by ARRL, but the application fee could be as high as $105 additional. This is more of an FCC question than an ARRL VEC question.

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