UPDATE: We are not having regular club meetings for the foreseeable future.

Don’t forget we still have our weekly Sunday evening nets on the N6USO repeater on 145.440 – Tone 136.5.

Meetings will be on ZOOM and details will be emailed!

73 de Jim, K6JFE

3 thoughts on “QST – QST – QST!”

  • Juan Slayton says:

    Hmm… Not a lot of traffic here. : > )

    Maybe I can start a conversation. A few weeks ago somebody stole my car off the street. It was recovered shortly by the Alhambra PD and returned in good condition. Except that the plates were missing. And all the DMV offices in CA are closed.

    I decided it was time to get my call letters on the plates, so I downloaded the DMV forml, wrote em a check, and dropped it in the mail. It’s now been several weeks and I haven’t heard anything back, so I’m just wondering, for those of you who have call plates, How long did it take for the DMV to get the plates to you. (I can’t very well drive this thing without them.)
    Juan Slayton

  • Michael Long - KM6SSB says:

    I am interested in becoming of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Association. Please advise me of the steps needed for membership.

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