N6USO Repeater update

This is a re-post from the “Sunset Ridge Linked Repeater” Facebook page April 30 2021

Sunset Ridge

449.88- 146.2 PL is up and running at full power, no issues!

IRLP is up and running on Reflector 9350 WALA, No Issues.

Issues that still need to be addressed at Sunset: 145.440- 136.5 PL repeater is ready to go, as soon as the transmit antenna can be replaced.

As seen in the attached photo, our Hustler G7 Transmit antenna is broken, hence the terrible match!

We are working to get a temporary quick fix while we wait for a new antenna to come in, which is on back order.

Once we have the new antenna in our possession (on back order due to Covid), we will need to find a tower climber who knows what they are doing, to climb the tower to remove the old antenna and replace it with the new one! If you know someone who can do this, please let me know.

Santa Anita Ridge445.48- 131.8 PL Repeater is working and standalone currently, but the RX is terrible! It still needs the Pre-Amp for the RX added to it, which we have, which should fix this issue. But, due to the Bobcat fire that burned up to the site, it has made getting to the site very difficult, as the mountain in that area is close, as is the main road to get there.

The pictures attached are the Hustler G7 two-meter Transmit antenna, A picture looking southeast from the south, towards San Bernardino, and a Picture facing Southwest towards Downtown LA from the site.

So far, I have spent over $3000 in replacement costs to the system. This does not include the costs of buying a new TX antenna for the two meter box and costs for a certified tower climber to complete the work needed done on the tower, once the antenna comes in.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, Burton

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