Virtual Tours

Stuck at home during a pandemic?, Just don’t like traveling? looking for a “Virtual retreat”? Lets take a trip to some Radio centric sites hosting some on-line tours of their facilities.

Keep in mind these are YouTube videos, as such they will be interrupted with ADs and “Offers” so bare with us, but we believe it will be worth the distractions, Enjoy

W1AW Station Tour
Queen Mary Radio Room Tour
WWV tour, Our “Over The Air” time Server
Zero Beat reference from WWV with a IC-7300 (couldn’t find a video for FT991a)
SS Red Oak Victory Ship Radio room
WW2 Submarine Radio Room
SETI Radio Telescope in the California Desert!

Please Click this link (Video would not “embed”) SETI VLA Documentary Narrated by Jody Foster (yep of “Contact” movie fame) worth the watch!

K3LR Super station Presentation/Tour, there are lots of Videos on his “Shack” simply search K3LR on YouTube
International Space Station Tour
Valerie Hotzfeld N9VL Shows us her Shack and little Antenna Farm
A Tour of the “Late” Arecibo Radio Telescope
Discoveries of the Arecibo Radio telescope
Analyzing the final moments of Arecibo Radio Telescope collapse (one of the saddest moments in the Radio astronomy Community)
Maybe a little shopping? Visit HRO Plano Texas store
Radio Australia shutdown
Randy K7AGE, A prolific Ham Radio YouTube contributor shares his shack, Look up K7AGE on YouTube
Last Man standing set Ham Shack operated by the host of Ham Radio 2.0
Josh KI6NAZ of Ham Radio Crash Course Operates KA6LMS Last Man Standing Studio Shack
The most powerful broadcast station in North America?
A VHF/UHF focused Station
A interesting collage of Ham Shacks and Antennas
KB9VBR is an Energetic YouTuber sharing his Designs/builds/Reviews/Experiences
Not exactly a proper “Radio tour” but a tour by a Ham (Valerie Hotzfeld N9VL)

This list barely scratches the surface of available “Tours” concerning “Ham Radio”, you should search for more, and share them with your community. put your favorites in Comments or send us a link at thanks for watching and we will see Ya’ On The Air ’73 KC6WOK