Website Plans

What are we doing with TCARA’s new website? what are our plans, intentions for the content and use of this site/space/connection/roadmap?

In todays environment of “social distancing” (Physical distancing), avoiding contact with other people, no groups or group activities and any human connection being “Virtual”, TCARA is attempting to re-energize, re-vitalize and grow this Amateur Radio association. I do understand that this sounds counterintuitive or even a little crazy but as lockdowns continue this is/has become the “new normal” and any club, group, business will depend on this “Social Media” for their survival.

I see this new version of TCARA’s website as a place not only for club information, archives, history but also a place to connect with the club and its members, and a roadmap to other Amateur radio websites, information, social media connections etc. Basically we are trying to keep our members and guests connected to the Amateur Radio community and active in the hobby (Radio Active). Our Calendar of activities, upcoming events, changes to any Club information will be posted here in as timely a manner as practical (we will certainly try)

So far I have added many HAM radio YouTube links, interesting videos focused loosely on Amateur Radio and some popular Ham celebrities. We are reaching out to ANY of our members, Guests, Visitors of this website for content suggestions, story submissions, their personal stories and photos or anything they/you believe would be of interest to folks here in our Virtual “New Normal” TCARA world.

My long term goals for this site and TCARA is to add not only much more content with subjects of interest to our members and guests but to add many more Social Media connections including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit. I will add more links to other active local Ham radio clubs that focus on different aspects of Amateur Radio i.e. Satellite operation, DXing, youth, training, microwave, amateur television, getting new hams on the air etc.

ANY help, comments, suggestions, critiques, and complaints are ALWAYS welcomed! simply email me at