Tour de Foothills bicycle event (Radio Support)

Jim Kesterson,

Hello all,

Ok, what is the TDF and why do I need to ask for help in radio support?

Well, the TDF is the Tour de Foothills bicycle event put on by the Upland Chamber of Commerce, coming this fall on Saturday November 13.

I am involved in the planning for this event and was assigned the task of providing radio support for the rest stops and SAG vehicles.  I previously sent out a notice for this event to others so I have a small group of volunteers currently lined up, but I am looking to fill up the team by making a follow up request.

Here are details to help you make a decision on whether or not you can support this effort.  I will conduct a briefing for the event as we get closer to the event.

Time frame:  This is a multi-distance event with rides between a short family ride and a 100 mile ride.  The longest ride starts at about 7 AM with shorter rides starting at later intervals.  Rides start in downtown Upland.

Support at the start line is activated at ride start time.

Support for the rest stops can be staggered as it takes some time for riders to arrive at each one, however, radio support needs to be in place during the stop setup.

SAG vehicle support usually starts sometime after the ride starts since problems requiring help don’t usually happen early in the ride.  A radio volunteer will ride in a SAG vehicle rather than using their own vehicle.

Since this event has a 100 mile ride some riders will finish well after noon.  This means radio support generally will be needed till the afternoon, possibly 4 PM.

This sounds like a long event to support but it is enjoyable and fun.

Now for the good part!!!

I have some goodies for volunteers as you sign up.  Additionally, there will be some others added as the time gets near to the event.  Each volunteer will get a tee shirt, lunch at the finish line area where there is also a beer garden to quench thirst as necessary.

So, I’m not asking for volunteers with no rewards for your involvement, just that you are willing to spend the day among bicycle riders and those who support them.

I have acquired the use of a repeater for the event so we will be able to cover the route which covers the area from Rancho to Pasadena.  A handheld radio should be able to do the job.  I will do a radio survey of the route so we have a good idea of our coverage.

Think it over and if you are willing let me know via email and I will add your name to my list of volunteers.

Jim Kesterson

LVCERT Communications Officer

The event is finished.


Nov 13 2021


All Day

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