Frequencies & Modes

List of amateur radio modes – Wikipedia

HF or High Frequency Radio covering 28 Mhz down to 135 Khz (2200 meters) some consider this “Real Radio” Certainly this will always begin a lively conversation. Lets keep this discussion to available “Modes” within these HF band allocations.

Modes or methods of modulation are many and varied,

Operating ModeModulation Modes
PhoneFM, AM, SSB, [and others]
DigitalPSK31, Packet, RTTY, MFSK, [CW], [and others]
VideoSlow Scan TV (SSTV), Fast Scan TV (FSTV – NTSC standard)

Loads of Modes | Ham Radio

List of amateur radio modes – Wikipedia

Lets break these down one at a time:

CW or Continuous Wave:

Video or “Amateur Television” (ATV)

Digital, an ever growing and changing set of modulating techniques

Phone (voice)