License Study

There are many “methods” to study for your Amateur Radio License, my personal journey was by weekly classes presented by a well versed “Elmer” that was highly devoted to the hobby, educating motivated prospective Hams and recruiting them into Emergency Communication service for the City of Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.

In todays world of Internet, smart phones etc. folks use what I refer to as “Virtual Flash Cards”, doing rapid fire self tests with web based practice tests forcing themselves to learn answers to pass their Amateur Radio exams. This method is very effective in helping people pass their exams.

I am not against this method, it has had a highly positive outcome on the hobby, adding to our community in an era when some say it is dying, we have seen tremendous growth. Many of the newly licensed hobbyists have trouble finding help learning the practical side of even basic operation, radio programming etc.

This has given “Ham Clubs” a golden opportunity to reach out to these new operators and mentor them. missing such a valuable opportunity would be unfortunate, this could lead to a moment of great growth for such a group but ignoring it could easily lead to stagnation and failure.

Lets find some opportunities for enriched content training, our recent worldwide conditions do notlend themselves well to “in-person” training but have afforded us lots of options for “Virtual” lessons allowing you to absorb the content at your own pace!

About the different levels of amateur radio licenses | Ham Radio Answers (

YouTube is a wealth of on-line training content in all license levels for Amateur Radio

Dave Casler has free on-line and sells thumb drives containing his three class levels of training

Technician Class General Class Extra Class

Ham Radio Crash Course license Videos Technician Class General Class