N6USO 145.440 is Back on-the-air!

Members of TCARA and GOTAhams joined forces in helping Burton Brink N6USO (LASD retired) to install a new temporary Transmit antenna on the N6USO 145.440 linked repeater on sunset Ridge.

Burton Brinks N6USO, George Cox WB6OEB, Andrew Usmani KM6SCA, Ken Mixon KC6WOK and Riley Redd made the rough and lengthy journey to Sunset Ridge, Andrew and Riley Ascended the tower, removed the damaged/failed antenna while the ground team assembled the new antenna, supplied the tower team with tools via rope lines. the tower team lofted the tested (analyzed) antenna and installed it in place of the old unit.

The final evaluation? 145.440 is operating at about 75% of its past transmit capability, Burton speculates it will require a efficient antenna and likely replacement of the Heliax (hard line Coax) feedline. this is another substantial investment after replacing the 449.160 transmitter, 145.440 transmitter and power supply.

It looks like we may need to supply more than just time into this project, As a group we could help defer the costs of these improvements and absorb much of the financial burden. I would propose that we each donate what we can to continue the use of this decades old asset to our local Amateur Radio community. Comment and let us know your thoughts!

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