Quartzfest (Quartzpause) 2021

We are on the air! For monitoring frequency, see gotahams.com . For the latest updates on the TCARA website go to QuartzFest (QuartPause)2021 – K6AGF (tcaraclub.net)

Officers from both TCARA and GOTAhams arrived at Quartzite Arizona (Quartzpause) Jan. 16th at 7:00 PM, quickly setup camp and attended the nightly Zoom hosted by our sister club, allowing us to Listen to the nightly topical net on WA6FZH (446.400) repeater. Sunday morning offered us a beautiful sunrise some announcements on the Quartzfest simplex “talk-in”. as I finish this post it will be time to erect some HF and Amateur TV antennas to get us on 40 meters? and FT8 (I will post Frequencies.)

Photo taken from GOTAhams.com Website, Check there for GPS Coordinates

Stay Tuned for Upcoming “Quartzpause events”

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