Remember TCARA net Sunday night 7:00 PM 446.400 -(103.5)

TCARA weekly net Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm on the WA6FZH repeater frequency 446.400 – offset tone of 103.5, beginning in 2021 our “Net Control” operator, Bruce AG6YS has modified the format of our “Net” adopting the classic “RoundTable” format over the “Check-in” only style. A Round Table net allows our members to be more conversational allowing each attendee to discuss what they have been doing in Ham Radio or just their experiences in the day, week, month or ask questions of the group. Bruce also attempts to “pound out” some CW sending a Members call sign then adding a short common phrase allowing those of us interested to “copy” the call and message, returning it by email for our award… (the satisfaction of copying it correctly)

Personally this is my favorite method of radio communication, old fashioned “Rag Chewing”, I like to inject some humor and find out more about each member or guest. It also allows our recently licensed Amateur operators to easily hop in and introduce themselves and with luck overcome the initial “Mike Fright” that many of us experienced in the beginning of our Ham Radio Journey.

We look forward to hearing each of you on our Sunday evening nets.

’73 Ken KC6WOK

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