The N6USO Sunset Ridge Repeater Back to full Power!

As of Wednesday July 7th 2021, N6USO 145.440-136.5 PL was fitted with a new Diamond F23H monoband vertical antenna, 30 metes of Andrews 1/2″ Heliax feedline run directly to the recently repaired Motorola Quantar repeater. All resonance an the antenna and feedline were fully tested/matched and signal reports from much of SoCal and even Catalina were excellent.

Bruce Bolton AG6YS (net control operator) plans on returning the TCARA weekly Net to 145.44 as of July 18th giving time for an announcement during the July 11th Net.

As Burton Brink Posted on the N6USO linked repeater system Facebook page, Thanking local club members Andrew-KM6SCA (GOTAhams) for climbing the tower and putting up the new Transmit antenna and feedline, Ken-KC6WOK (TCARA Publicity/GOTAhams) for supplying the new antenna and feedline and George-WB6OEB (TCARA / GOTAhams) for the vehicle to transport them up to the site. All Licensed Amateur Radio operators are welcomed to use the N6USO open repeater, it has excellent coverage over most of Southern California south of the Angeles mountain range.

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