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Here is the list of latest “Newcomers” to the YouTube Ham Radio world, give them a watch and form your own opinions: (I haven’t had the chance as this web editing gig is very time intensive) let me me know what you think? if I should Add, Remove, Move or maybe we could Rate, Rant, Criticize them email me at

Smoke Signals
Tank Radio
This is an innovative Ham Radio YouTuber, inspiring many others and creating the “YouTubers Bunch” always promoting the Hobby, Ham retailers, and YouTube.

Below this line is the “Tried and true”? Amateur Radio Video Bloggers (Vloggers) above are the “New Kids on the Block”

an interesting and entertaining attempt at educating Hams
Our hobby’s premier weekly Video magazine





Josh Nass is a SoCal Ham Radio YouTuber that quickly became one of the most popular video Elmers on YouTube and now Hosts the HamNation Vlog
Jim W6LG, covers the basics in his Videos
DX Commander with his infectious energy Shares his experiences
Click on Image to view the amazing world of My Friend Dave Casler, a prolific YouTube Elmer with entire License level course to help get you Ham Radio ticket or upgrade
Tim Duffy K3LR owner of the largest “Superstation” Multi operator contesting Ham shack in North America, has ALOT to say!
Valerie is an avid DXer, HamNation co-host
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Randy is an average Ham that loves sharing his experiences
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Focusing on Preparedness aspects of Ham Radio
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One of the “YouTubers Bunch” with plenty to share